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Someone once told me that you can measure a man by the quality of his craftsmanship. In my experience, the things that we love most echo this sentiment. When you look at your favorite objects, products or designs, it's easy to see that what separates them is the attention given to the smallest details. Youngstown Design was born from this concept. The goal is simple... Get involved in local projects here in the Mahoning Valley and pour your heart into them. Why? So our community can take pride in the things we create together.


Unlike agencies, Youngstown Design isn't out here looking for a volume of clients. It's all about the opportunities to work with inspiring local companies and individuals to make great things.

Fred Housel - Designer

Fred Housel Designer

I've been incredibly lucky to be a part of some really unique projects. I love to work on new things because each time I feel like it gives me a new perspective. One thing that I don't love is writing about myself.

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